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Why You Have to Invest in Indonesia

Why You Have to Invest in Indonesia?

Deciding to Invest In Indonesia is a kind of an interesting idea that is so worthy for you to try. It is because Indonesia seems to be able to offer you the bright and promising prospect for your business as it has great natural resources, and very potential economy.

So then, you will never regret committing your capital in the country for sure. Aside of that, there are so many other things you have to really consider why you have to invest your capital in Indonesia. Fortunately, let’s figure them out below.

Speaking of why you have to Invest In Indonesia, you cannot ignore the Doing Business Rank of the country that is getting better and better every year. According to the Ease of Doing Business list by the World Bank, Indonesia has successfully jumped up to 91st position from the 106th position last year.

So then, you will find that there are so many things are easier to do when you start your business in Indonesia, which can be like access to electricity, registering a property, paying taxes, enforcing contracts, acquiring finance, am so many more still. In the end, you will find that you can develop your business in the country as well as possible with no heavy difficulties at all.

Then, there are so many options of business and industries that you can develop in the country when you decide to Invest In Indonesia. It is because there is the revised regulation by the government of Indonesia in 2016 which allow the foreigner to have the 100% maximum foreign ownership.

In the simple words, the government will definitely allow the foreign investors to start and own their business in Indonesia fully no matter if they want to run a restaurant, bar, café, mall, or even a property business.

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